Friday, November 16, 2007

On the frigid Florida coast

It is freezing in Florida. We're used to shorts and t-shirts, but it it finally cold. It's weird when you start seeing figures on the news start wearing overcoats, and you have a vague indication that it is getting cold somewhere. Then it finally overtakes you. The foul frigid breath of our Canadian brethren. It's 39 degrees, and I don't care how much snow you walk through that is cold.

I'll be heading down to Gainesville to see the University of Florida play Florida Atlantic University. For our Singapore readers that is a gigantic deal in the southern United States. College Football that is, because that game I am attending has little or no meaning. Just one more week until Free Shoes comes to town. I don't care how down Bobby and the boys may be, I want to pound them into the turf.