Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Like a Kid on Christmas

The month of November has me excited like few others in the past few years. Two of the things I look forward to, that come around every few years, are elections and Bond movies. On November 7Th the national mid-term elections will bring a new Congress, and a new Governor of Florida. Those on the national stage only George to worry about. Down here we have ourselves an extra Bush. That being said, with a few exceptions, he has not been a horrible governor. We didn't elect the dumb one like you Texas. The races all across the country are just so tight, and with all those contests going at once my ADD will be an asset. It's like the NCAA Tournament with all the games being played on the same day and at the same time. The real races to watch are in the Senate. The races to watch on the 7Th include Tennessee, Missouri, and Virginia. I would really like to see Harold Ford Jr elected in Tennessee, because I think he scares the shit out of Republicans, but he will probably fall in a tight one. Virginia though is a barn that has already burned down. George Allen once thought of this race as an afterthought on his way to a Presidential bid, but then he started talking. He called that kid a monkey and it's been all downhill since. I'm not in love with Webb, but Allen just looks like a badly disguised racist child of privilege. The Governor's race in Florida is interested as well. Just when it looked like Crist would lap Davis, things got tight. Watching the debate was surreal because Crist would just repeat tired Ronald Reagan lines, and Davis kept using anti-administration catchprhases to lob at Charlie. Crist really is the better qualified candidate, but I would like to see the Republican vice grip on the State let up a little bit. After the dust settles from that it occurred to me that I hope James Bond is secretly fighting the War On Terrorism for us. Lucky for me on November 17 we have the premier of Casino Royale. The 21'st Bond movie (match that Lucas) has a new actor and some hot British lady in it. I bet Bond could totally kick Congress' ass. They deserve it.

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