Friday, November 10, 2006

The Mid-Terms

The results of this year's mid-term elections have produced a varied mix of emotions in me. I'm overjoyed anytime I can be witness to one of those turning points in American history, and this election was most certainly that. There has been a realignment in the power structure of the country, and a reassertion of the middle way. Nobody wants to cut and run, but they sure as hell are sick of the same shit. I must say the first thing I wanted to do was listen to right wing talk radio all the way to work and at lunch. The range of emotions stretched from despondency to bitter rejection of the losers. But I must say the reaction of the international community does not live up to what I thought it should be. I've heard weak factions with no control of the American political process talking as if it were a victory for them. As if Nancy Pelosi is going to have Osama bin Ladin to dinner in the Speaker Offices. You don't think Pelosi would carpet bomb Bakuba to gain votes in Birmingham? No one can claim a victory except the Independents in the middle. They controlled the balance of power and we'll see how the Democrats handle it. They need to get off to a quick start to gather momentum, because I think one minor misstep will have the Republicans eating them alive like it's 1998. We'll see what happens in this new reality. Maybe we can stop hearing about 9/11 over and over.

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