Wednesday, September 19, 2007

On the Jaguars attendence figures and the obligation of our good 'ole boys

Many national and local sports writers have been lamenting the Jacksonville Jaguars attendance figures this year. The team covers up large amounts of what is one of the largest stadiums in the National Football League in for all intents and purposes is the smallest market in the league. But there is a feeling that somehow the amount of people that are at the average Jaguar game is comparable to any other NFL market. Truth be told they should have to put up the temporary Florida-Georgia game extra seating for every one of the Jacksonville Jaguars home games in this supposedly football mad region of the sunshine state, but the whole story is never told by the liberal sports media in this town and outside it. After week two Jacksonville is drawing more warm bodies (especially in Duval in late summer, which lasts until December) than the Super Bowl Champions. Six other NFL football teams that have played a home game are averaging less than the Jacksonville Jaguars. Including Jesus' favorite football team the Dallas Cowboys. If Michael Vick was not killing dogs the Jags are probably in the middle of the pack in terms of attendance, even with consistent college football National Champions surrounding them.
That being said I think it is embarrassing what has happened in terms of attendance in that stadium. I for one will be in that stadium for the next game. In the old days of Jacksonville politics, great men like Jake Godbold would ensure that public evens like those where attended come hell or high water. When Jacksonville hosted the Olympic gymnastics trial in 1980 Godbold called in his contributors and good ole boys network and gave them the marching orders that those tickets would be sold. John Peyton is a part of one of the most powerful families in Northeast Florida. He should be calling the same people that he gives contracts to to buy those tickets whether it is a game with the Indianapolis Colts or the Bucs of 1976. Trust me, that team needs to make money but whether you like football or not the city has a vested interest in that team succeeding, and you know you love football. What the hell else are going to be doing on Sunday?

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