Monday, September 17, 2007

On the state of Duval

I may start writing back here again on some different subjects. I think if I have some local points about the City of Jacksonville and the First Coast I may just make them here. Please keep going to for nation political news and humor. Not to mention the kind of music you know you like. Everyone is represented. But if I have a note to make, like the problems with raw attendance that people have begun to say nationally about the lack of interest in the Jaguars, I will make it here. Think of this as The Sunshine Empire Local Duval edition. By the way, the Jaguars had one of the largest stadiums in the league before they put the tarps on. Just as many people show up for the games as do any other city. So just shut the fuck up.

I think it is also embarrassing that the Duval County Democratic party could not find some reasonable candidate that could have stood against John Peyton. I think he has done an average job in extraordinary circumstances, but he was eminently beatable in his last election and got token opposition. My God rest the soul of Jackie Brown, but there needed to be someone with a little more weight as a candidate running against him. Harry Shorestien stands as the only county-wide elected Democrat and he is leaving soon.

These are just a few of the things that we will be discussing on this space, from time to time. Check us here at for local and

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