Thursday, December 21, 2006

The Discussions of Biggus Rickus

10:44 AM Biggus: Did you know that Vanilla Ice released an album fairly recently that had a sequel to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle song?
10:46 AM me: no
that's rediculous
even ridiculous
Go Ninja Go Ninja Go
10:50 AM Biggus: And it's a rap/metal song.
me: thank god
10:51 AM Biggus: Music has really been missing it since Limp Bizkit split up.
10:52 AM me: did they split up, or did their 15 minutes just end?
Biggus: I was hoping they'd died, but I keep hearing celebrity news every few months about the Durstinator.
10:54 AM me: you are a malicious man Mr. James
Biggus: I just think the punishment fits the crime. My eardrums still haven't recovered from "For the Nookie"
10:55 AM me: good point
Biggus: At the least I should win some sort of settlement even if the jury does acquit due to the glove's undersizedness.
10:56 AM me: is that a word?
Biggus: It is now.
me: or did you just coin it
like Bill O'Reilly coined "San Francisco Values"
10:57 AM after it had been used a couple of times
Biggus: Isn't Rice-a-roni the San Francisco Value?
27 minutes
11:25 AM me: treat
11:26 AM Biggus: Yeah, but it is inexpensive if The Price is Right wasn't lying to me.
11:28 AM me: that show is like a time warp
Biggus: Yeah, it feels like I'm seven everytime I turn it on.
11:29 AM And I'm pretty sure the studio audience is the same group of white trash, geriatrics and military personnel that was on when I was seven. My theory is that the studio is some sort of vast cryogenic chamber and the audience is thawed each day for filming and then put back in freeze.
11:30 AM me: that's probably true

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