Friday, December 22, 2006

More From Biggus

11:49 AM Biggus: I intend to build a rainbow in space.
11:50 AM me: George Jefferson just told me I'm doing a great job
Biggus: I thought he hated white people.
me: he did say, "Honkey, your doing a great job"
11:51 AM Biggus: Did he sound surprised, like he was shocked that a honkey like yourself could manage it?
me: kinda
Biggus: That's my George Jefferson.
I think I'm hearing a rent song on some talk show.
11:52 AM me: You know, Sherman Helmsly looks so sad now that the woman who played Weezy is dead. They had that whole appearing together thing going
Biggus: I think they were getting it on.
me: what talk show are you listening to? Boortz?
Biggus: No, TV. It's on in the living room.
me: I just forgot again that you are home
11:53 AM Biggus: Maybe it's The View.
me: my sister is a regular watcher now that Rosie is on
11:54 AM and Joy Behar is a yenta
Biggus: Your sister needs to be disabused of the notion that Rosie is worth watching.
11:55 AM me: I think it's more passing amusement now
I really liked your Chili Peppers Christmas thing
Biggus: I can't take all the credit.
Since I only linked a picture that someone else doctored.
11:56 AM That's called humility.
me: attaboy
and you just let my poor attempt to use jewish vernacular pass without one insult
11:57 AM Biggus: Tis the season to not entirely fairly malign the jews.
me: that's big of you.
Biggus: Well, a Jew is the reason for the season.
11:58 AM I'm glad I never saw Rent.
11:59 AM me: true
Biggus: Speaking of musicals. Why was Les Miserables turned into one. It's a fucking dense, political/philosophical book that is well nigh unreadable. How does someone read that and say, "Hey, let's make a musical about this?"
12:00 PM me: That Lesbian girl I dated loved Rent and begged me to listen to it
Biggus: More proof that you should never trust lesbians.
me: Les Misarables is a fantastic musical. I've seen it performed three times
Biggus: Fag.
12:01 PM me: "Master of the house, doling out the charm, ready with a handshake and an open arm"
you don't remember that Sienfeld bit about that
Biggus: Yes. Yes I do.
12:03 PM And I still don't understand why they turned that book into a musical. It would be like doing the same with The Brothers Karamozov.

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