Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Gerald Ford

I'm watching the coverage that has broken in on the death of President Gerald Ford. Not much news of any value beyond the fact that he has passed. They are trying to stretch it out though. I'm watching CNN and they are interviewing Alexander Haig, a man who was Ford's White House Chief of Staff. Imagine if your old crotchety grandfather that's virulently racist and batshit insane. Also imagine if CNN called him on the phone to comment on the news. That's exactly what it sounds like. He started talking at one point about what a good president Nixon was. He made the comment that he had served seven presidents seven times in two minutes. He served seven Presidents. Ford is the type of President that will never get credit for some things that he did that were of great benefit to the nation. It does make one of my favorite SNL bits highly inappropriate.

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