Thursday, December 28, 2006

A New Year

Another year has passed and in a bizarre turn of events I am realizing my own age. Years are racing by and I have not had a decent New Years Eve since 2002. Each one seems to be a harbinger of the horrible year to come. Pessimism is my new crutch. Last year I was trapped at a detestable meat market at Jax Beach and ended up way too screwed up when I got home(not driving). I was ordered by a lady friend's parents not to go out on Y2K, and as Lewis Black said, we knew there was no danger and watched as two guys in Afghanistan rubbing sticks together were having more fun than we would. December 31, 2002 was pretty good, as it was spent with a friend who no longer lives in the area. I have no idea what I will be doing when that mess of flashlights gets to the end of the pole in New York, but I will be looking wide and dewey eyed torward the new year. Like a woman it will probably turn against me sometime in the middle and blame me in the end. So be it.

Happy New Year.

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