Saturday, October 21, 2006

American Rights and foreign combatants

Lindsay Graham is continually a puzzle to me. There are times he appears to be nothing but a lackey, doing the White House bidding. Other times he can raise the ire of the conservative right with a quickness. He seems to be on both sides of this issue though. He is one of the Republicans that I tend to believe when I hear from him, much like Chuck Hagel of Nebraska. But this issue his hard to argue with either side. Most of these men are truly horrible people more than likely, but I shudder by the thought that we change our rules just because the other side does not pay attention to them. Due process is an American right, and many conservatives claim that foreign terrorists do not deserve constitutional rights. Yet these same people claim that American rights are being spread to the world in our new world order, our global fight with Islamic extremism. What better way to spread the wonder that is American democracy than to treat everyone the way we treat ourselves. That's a golden rule that conservatives will understand. So, this Mclatchy article discusses the legal ramifications of the new bill passed by congress.

  • Opinions vary on constitutionality of tribunal compromise law
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