Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Foley Matter and the Mid-terms

With the mid-term congressional elections fast approaching, the old adage about the campaign not really starting until Labor Day is proving true. So man events are caught in the whirlwind that we as Americans have reaped, and the Foley matter could be the tipping point. The American people in their infinite wisdom have chosen that we should have Republican dominated government for the last four years. We all see what a wonderful gem the country has turned into in that time, but that is not so much part specific. The war in Iraq, volatile gas prices, revelations about intelligence, have all served to dent the once lustrous shine on the Republican party. Yet they have stood firm and always regained the people. Even in the face of all of the calamities that have bestruck the Nation, they were going to keep Congress. The polls have been every which way but loose all during the Summer. With Bush down, usually challenge proof seats were starting to be competitive. The usual chasm that separates the two amounts that the parties raise in campaign funds had even narrowed. But Republicans still looked like they would hold on. Then Foley.,2933,218043,00.html

This is interesting for me. I left the rebellious days of my youthful indiscretion as a Grand Old Party member in part because of the strangle that religious zelots had on the party of Lincoln. For all the peace and economic prosperity across the board that Bill Clinton gave to the Nation, it was all for not because he was nothing but a redneck pervert to them. But now the immorality has an elephant lapel pin on his breast. Conservatives often would denigrate women's groups that stuck by Clinton as selling their souls. Yet if we watch the news we see evangelical after evangelical minister and leader come out in support of Denny Hastert. Et Tu Denny?

Also ironic is that with all they were given, Foley is what may put them over. But paraphrasing Howard Fienman from Newsweek, if this isn't enough to push them into the majority, they deserve to go the way of the Whigs.

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