Thursday, October 12, 2006

From The Vault

Something I wrote March 13th of this year. It's a bit of a political rant, but I hate the media bias crutch.

With the three year anniversary of the invasion of Iraq passed, and more than 2300 brave American youths dead in the endeavor, many all across the country seem to be looking for answers to our situation. Many seem to want to find who is responsible for our plight in Iraq. The answer is clear to many conservatives; it's obviously the media. If it were not for the media, majorities of Americans would not believe that going to war was a mistake, and that President Bush has grossly mismanaged what should have been a walk in the park only costing 1.2 billion dollars. If it were not for the media, the peaceful, picture perfect, Jeffersonian democracy in Iraq would be apparent to people swayed by a paper in New York City and not facts. It is purely the work of MSNBC that Americans feel building a school in Tal Afar is great, but would prefer ones be built in Talladega. The powers at CBS are clearly the ones killing 1,100 people a month in Baghdad, not a civil war. The reporters and anchors at CNN are most defiantly the ones that elected a theocratic government that has created death squads and begun torturing Sunni Muslims around Iraq. It was the New York Times that moved those tons and tons of promised WMD and made them disappear into thin and dry Iraqi air. If only they would tell us more about the three ancient helicopters they found buried in the desert. Lets not forget and Air America Radio making sure that no one involved with the September 11th attacks had any relation to Iraq, and that not one Iraqi hijacked any plane that day. This is all clearly the media's fault. Why can’t we just believe our conservative friends, and appreciate the tune they seem to be whistling past the graveyard of our fallen soldiers.

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