Thursday, October 26, 2006

What can happen in a week?

Yes, I used the dreaded question mark.

Watching the polls and pundits, bloggers and columnists, I had been lulling myself to the belief that Democrats were actually capable of retaking congress. Republicans complain that the Democrats have no plan, that they run on hate for the other side. Let's be completely honest though, they have more of a plan than the Republicans did in 1994 before they threw together a document that they now would scorn. Finding affordable heath care, and term limits are two features of the Contract with America that current republicans would claim as almost socialism. Never the less, with all the euphoria and partying some voices of reason on the left are warning that this is all a smokescreen, and that it would clear just in time for elections. We now have conservative columnist Robert Novak predicting a blue house and a red senate, and Eric Alterman claiming neither changing at all. I tend to think Alterman is a bit of a pessimist, and that there should at least be a blue house and a red senate by one or two seems the best prediction. I'm really not a betting man, but people are very confusing in their voting patterns. Goth girls voting republican, Evangelist's with donkey lapel buttons, where does the cunfusion end.

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