Saturday, October 28, 2006

The Largest Cocktail Party...........In the WORLD!

One of the traditions that we have in Jacksonville of any national importance, other than NFL football is the annual Florida Georgia game weekend. For more than seventy years both the University of Florida and the University of Georgia have been meeting at the stadium at the bend of the St. Johns River in Jacksonville. This is an overused phrase, but it is a tradition like no other. On the Tuesday before the game, RV's start showing up in the parking lots that surround Alltel Stadium. The site of the former Gator Bowl, is the center of a non-stop party until sunday of that week. The Jacksonville Landing, which sits on the banks of the St. Johns in downtown Jacksonville is flooded with people and they spill out onto the surrounding streets. Myself and Biggus Rickus drove down to the landing tonight and the Landing was a bit too crazy for us, oh and also the fact that they were charging admission. What is this? Guavaween? We decided that if we had to park the monstrosity that I drive for ten dollars, we should walk down to Bay Street and go to the Dive Bar. So we made the walk and beat the rain. We watched the last innings of the World Series and drank Newcastle and Cognac. I felt like a rapper. It was interesting, me being a UF grad and Rickus being a Bulldog among the revelry and competition. I'll be in the midst of the gigantic cocktail party tomorrow afternoon, so look for me on the tv.

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