Thursday, April 05, 2007

A For Sale Sign on the House of God

I'm generally heartless when it comes to massive commercial garbage like the movie Titanic's attempts to pull at my heartstrings. Yet there is sadness that you can observe in regular life that lives just below the surface and is never to be heard from. Like the dog that goes under the porch to die. But I was thinking of one such thing while talking with a friend in Colorado. She showed me pictures from an establishment called "The Church." This was a club that you could turn the lights down, play harsh house music, walk through in a trench coat and feel like you were balls deep in the movie Blade standing next to Wesley Snipes. But it made me think of how churches lose their flock. When was the last time you remember seeing a closed church, other than every science fiction movie with a team of people fighting evil always having a base in an old abandoned church. Not the old sanctuary that sits next to the gleaming new Church tower. This is the lone church house that sits with a for sale sign out front. I used to live on Sunbeam road, and their was a small church not to far from my place. One day their was a for sale sign in the front lawn of the church. It later became an annex for a Hospice in the area. From the house of God, to a storage facility. Now for clarification one must know that it is hard to throw a rock from anywhere and not strike the broadside of a church house in Jacksonville. If you miss you'll hit the 9Th green.

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