Monday, April 02, 2007

Question Time

Is there a body wash or soap primarily for men that does not center their product's commercial around having random half naked women rape you? It really does make you wonder that there was a time you could not say pregnant on network television. Now the term "an erection lasting four hours," is as common as "where's the beef" was during the '80's. One of these fantastical body sprays once had a commercial that boiled down to women were coming close to having sexual intercourse with common household items because too many men were recycling the cans that this body spray came in. That is a ballsy claim for a commercial. And body spray is a mannish word for dude perfume. It's just two steps removed from mango watermelon kiwi body splash at Bath and Body Works. It is a hero story those body wash commercials are. To think that the stock clerk could bang four rabid Swiss models is an uplifting story.

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