Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Victim In Culture

The horrible tragedy in Blacksburg has brought out the usual media roving plague of Satellite trucks and plastic people. The Sunshine Empire understands that in our new culture of media warfare the opinions have come from the talking heads. Wing nuts say this proves guns are good, and the liberal wack-jobs say it means to ban them. There again we are witness to yet another George W. Bush tragedy speech. When discussing the speech with our friend Jolemite it occurred that he seems to have made twice the average of a normal president. Reagan had the Challenger, Clinton had Oklahoma City. George W. Bush has presided over September 11Th, The Columbia, Hurricane Katrina, and now this. They are not his fault but they do seem to give his presidency a somber mood. They seem to fit the pattern of things out of control. But there are even those who have blamed the victims for not seeming to have fought back. Many have correctly criticized the left for worshiping at the alter of victim hood. There are big evil bad guys lurking to destroy you. But it seems the right has a nasty opposite to this. Individualism made my country great, but this is militarized individualism. If you did not get out of Katrina's way, it was your fucking fault. You may not have the luxury of spending a week out of town by way of your car that you don't have, but fuck you you should have worked harder. If you didn't get out of that gunman's way then you must have been week. He cant possibly been a good shot, he only killed 32 people. But those people were weak, and deserved to die for their sheer un-adulterated meakness. The meak are supposed to inherit the Earth, but you would not know it looking at us today.

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