Monday, April 30, 2007

Is is rabbit season, or duck season?

Arguing about this country's conflict in Iraq is getting to be as normal as baseball season and American Idol. But as long as the war has been going on the fog of history is starting to obscure what some were saying in 2003. Our friends at Jolemite Blog have long since spoke of how almost everything that the anti-war movement had said would happen, has happened. They stated that there were no illegal weapons stockpiles, there was no connection between Iraq's government and the September 11th attacks, that it would cause regional instability, and that it would make terrorism worse before better. My great country's own weapons inspectors have determined that there were no weapons, Tony Snow stated on the White House lawn this morning that they have never claimed that there was a connection between Saddam and 9/11, and the State Department released a study today stating that worldwide terror attacks where up 29% this past year. But one that was stated was that the conflict could possibly spill over into other regional allies' countries. Most conservatives almost uniformly belittled these beliefs as coming from a "pre-9/11" mindset. All of this nonsense has all come to this evening. I was watching CSPAN tonight because my life is a pinata filled with electric dynamite, and Republican Senator Jon Kyl of Arizona was speaking on the floor of the Senate. He was making a pronouncement about Iraq as new as the Macarena on VHS, but I was struck by one thing he said. He claimed that one of the dangers of pulling U.S. troops out of the civil war zone was the risk of spillover. The argument has gone on so long that it has looped itself. It's as if a vital and historic national argument has become that Bugs Bunny cartoon when both he and Daffy are looking down the barrel of Elmer Fudd's shotgun. "It's rabbit season, duck season, rabbit season, duck season, duck season, It's duck season!" Kyl's argument essentially was predicated upon a key pre-war claim of those opposed to the incursion. We've got our finger in the dike and we're either there forever, or somebody's going to get wet.

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Biggus Rickus said...

You set up a couple of strawmen in there, but I'll let it slide because that's the best Warner Bros. short ever made.