Monday, April 09, 2007

More on the field

I sat down this evening with the express intent on discussing the weaknesses of the Democratic field for President. I had focused two posts on candidates for the Republican nomination, so I decided to write something that was a drawback to Senator Christopher Dodd of Connecticut. I could not find anything bad about him politically, but to be honest I could not find anything. The Wikipedia entry read like the menu of a family style restaurant. He's Joe Lieberman as a Catholic, with exception being Dodd does not prostrate in utter fealty to whatever the Bush Administration approves of. His father Thomas Dodd was one of the lead prosecutors at the Nurenburg trials after World War II. He was Chairman of the Democratic National Committee when the Republicans took over in 1994. But that's about it. He's just been a chair filler for most years since he came to the Senate in 1981. Now he aims to be the President. One thing that could make him a dark horse is the fact that he's bland, and that he seems to be able to raise lots of money. He's not polling with Clinton and Obama, but as long as he has the money he could be waiting once we're sick of them. He's not a bad guy Dodd, but I want something more than Blandy McVanilla of Plainsville.

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