Thursday, June 21, 2007

Guantanamo comes under the rule of law

News is breaking that the Bush Administration is coming to the decision to close the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay. Like many of the positions that the Administration has taken, and insisted if they had not catastrophic hell would break loose, they have changed their minds. In reality they are understanding that the law is against them, no matter what jingoistic Cheney loving lawyers in the Justice Department say otherwise. A decidedly conservative Supreme Court and Several Military judges have stated that the Administration's many plans are contrary to the very rule of law they state they are looking to uphold.

Yet the most curious and missed point in all of this is the complete hypocrisy that the Administration's line of thinking was. It may seem the rantings of a pompous American, but the values set forth by the framers in the 18th century are the most intrinsic and universal rights that the World desires for. Freedom is the God given right of every human walking the face of the Earth, but for some reason the Bushies feel that some deserve it and some don't. The cornerstone of the great American legal system is the right of a person to be innocent until proven guilty. It is for that right that countless Americans have died. But with Guantanamo we have essentially let the world know that that is not always the case. Now I am not saying that all the men that reside at the facility are all a bunch of huggy-bears but they deserve their day in court. American values are universal values, and the world needs to know that we are serious about it. Democracy is not always a Jimmy Stewart movie. I give the Administration credit for finally coming to this view. Too bad Darth Cheney.

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Biggus Rickus said...

How many Guantonimo, er, residents are American citizens? I really don't the answer to that question. Whoever is an actual citizen of the US is deserving of "his day in court". If they are not, then our constitution should not apply to them and they can conceivably rot there without violating the Constitution (not that I'm advocating letting them rot). If constitutional rights are conferred to non-citizens then what is the point of citizenship?