Monday, June 11, 2007

Republicans stand firmly against pointless vote

Any claim made in politics is a lie. Any person that occupies the seat of power is only just the most desirable sack of bullshit. The Congress took up the fascinating and European concept of a no-confidence motion against Alberto Gonzalez. First off, Gonzalez is a no talent toady rubber stamp of the Bush Administration. He has turned the Justice Department into some kind of sick College Republicans Jesus club. That being said I don't think a vote of anything except impeachment means jack shit in the scheme of things. He serves at the pleasure of the President and he's more useful to any Democratic cause still in office still being the most clueless public liar in memory.

All of that aside one thing struck me about the process. During the Judicial nominee's battles two years ago, when Democrats where pushing a series of social workers and Republicans wanted men and women so right wing they viewed Robert Bork as no different than George Soros, Conservatives assailed the 60 vote cloture rule as some sort of shackle on Democracy, and threw around the idea of the nuclear option. Now they result in blocking what they had always demanded from the mountaintops, an up or down vote. It would not have mattered for them either. All of the GOP senators that had demanded the Attorney General resign, had all given signals that they would not vote for the motion. Lieberman, who has no principle by riding the fence and always voting with Bush, would have voted with them so they would have had a tie that Cheney would have decided in defeat for the Democrats. But they no longer see the value of the precious up or down vote.

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