Thursday, June 28, 2007

A Side Note From Dutch

I may be the only one on this one, but I've got a little rant that I have to express. I'm getting a little tired of being directed to do obvious shit in public. I don't carry cash as a practice, mainly on the advice of my accountant. But I use my check card a great deal every day. After making a purchase of a Red Bull, or some cheddar Sun Chips, I go to the register and present my card. I indicate that I wish to pay debit, and as I reach for the PIN device I hear the attendant state, "now enter your PIN sir." I don't know why, but that aggravates the shit out of me. I go to the same gas station every morning and I have even developed a method to have my card back in my hand and begin entering the PIN on the device even before the words have left her mouth. If you don't know the deal with debit yet at this late stage, and you need to be prompted for that, you need to have all of your accounts liquidated and invested in a minor's checking account, a piggy bank, and some coloring books.

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