Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Sunshine Empire Post debate coverage: Who can be nominated President of 9/11

I did not get to watch too much of the Republican debate tonight on CNN due to work, but I have seem a smattering at this point and want to cover some points. John McCain seemed to perform well. Mitt Romney took his positions of the evening. Yet his positions are like shooting stars, blink and they're gone. Rudolph Guliani almost got struck by lighting, and Tom Tancredo actually seemed to talk about what a bad President Bush had been. Bush will be only the fourth man to serve two full terms since the passing of the 23rd Amendment, and he's not Jesus like Reagan was at this point. Some don't care for him more than Judas really. The one moment that does have me calcifying in my Democratic roots after watching it, was the group all coming to the defense of poor old Lew Libby. When, the man most wing nuts view as the greatest threat to democracy on the planet, Bill Clinton lied to a grand jury we were told the republic would fall if this transgression went un-punished. Yet when a man with an elephant on his lapel lies to a grand jury about a matter of some importance above a private sexual encounter, the right treats him as if he is Jesus in the hands of the Pharisees. They all tonight spoke of an over ambitious prosecutor only out to score political points. I closed my eyes, and I could here the same script verbatim that the left was using in 1998. They all talk of the harm this will do to his family. I'm more concerned about the damage to political discourse in this country and the Federal laws that he broke. It's always a witch hunt when you're the one in the pointy black hat.

Overall the evening only proves the same thing that the Democratic shin-dig was on Sunday. Mitt, John, Rudy and Fred the inexperienced hot flavor of the week actor Thompson will be the four to beat and the rest will just wither and die as they see the money dry up.

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