Sunday, June 03, 2007

The Sunshine Empire Post Debate Coverage

I did not plan to, but I ended up watching quite a bit of the Democratic Presidential debate. I will start by saying I think it is absolutely absurd that in June of 2007 that this race is actively on. That being said I had some observations from the group. Senator Obama seemed to slightly improve his standing in my eyes. I think he is a great candidate but I am wary of his rock star status and want to see deeper. Joe Biden is a smart guy, but he seemed to be laying on a little to much righteous indignation. I was just really struck by the fact that Chris Dodd said absolutely nothing. He talked with the best of him but he really just said what comedians say when they are mocking a politician saying nothing. The exception being he was saying it for real. Hillary Clinton looked perfectly competent to fill the Oval Office if needed, but she's certainly not my choice. Bill Richardson is the most qualified to hold the job of all of them, but he is nowhere near the polished type needed to win the White House. This is all a charade in a sense. Voters will probably still end up nominating Guliani and Clinton. No doubt then we will be treated to campaign hijinks of the sort when the two briefly ran against each other in the 2000 New York Senate race. Guliani declared his candidacy in Arkansas to mock Hillary's claim to be a New Yorker. He did this despite the fact Hillary was not born in Arkansas, but in Chicago.

But hands down Wolf Blitzer is a horrible debate moderator. CNN began the debate in the traditional podium row format. Yet for some reason, for the questions from the audience segment, CNN took a break to change the set to resemble something like an airport smoking lounge. They put Mike Gravel and Dennis the Menace on the far edges like they had TB. By and large though, Clinton, Obama, and Edwards simply solidified their current status at the top. Richardson did not hurt himself, and Dodd might as well have been in Florida watching the debate with me. I will try my best to watch the Republican debate on Tuesday. My question to you, how many times do you think the term "9/11" will be used. Maybe I can find a jar of jelly beans as a prize for whoever wins.

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