Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Nixon vs. Bush, a fight to the finish

Theodore Roosevelt may have been this nation's finest President, but my favorite has to be Richard Nixon. Such a bizarre icon and towering flawed character. I feel the closest comparison to him of modern President's is the current one. Bush and Nixon are so much alike, but many I know don't seem to agree. They both craved utter secrecy and both took the law into their own hands. Both appealed widely, but ended up universally derided. Both could not have imagined what nightmares their second terms were to become after their triumphs for re-election. Nixon was found to be cold, heartless and out of touch. Bush has just been found to be incompetent. Both the men have legacies that many would have though Democratic accomplishments. Nixon created the Environmental Protection Agency, and Bush created the huge Medicare drug entitlement. Both men carried on unpopular wars long past the public appetite for them, and Dick Cheney and Spiro Agnew are both dicks as well. The difference is Nixon had experience in the Federal Government and was an adept diplomat. Things that I personally miss the President having. I think Bush might beat Nixon in a fight though, because he's all fit. A man of his skills and abilities and he's as healthy as an ox. Although I've never been an authority of the overall health of oxen.

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