Sunday, January 28, 2007

Debit or Credit

This far along into the age of credit I am constantly bothered by cashiers that instruct me to put in my pin after I request debit. That's kinda the deal. Sorta why I asked for debit in the first place. I'm either having my intelligence insulted, or their are people dumb enough to not know the deal. Like those insufferable people in the express line that wait for all of their items to be rung up before they start to write out their check in illuminated calligraphy. First off, if you are still using checks to purchase groceries, we're seven years past Y2K so get with the fucking program. Second, you know what store you are in you can start filling that crap out while the cashier rings up your 17 miniature cans of cat food.

The next time that lady tells me to punch in my pin I am going to ask for a pen to write my pin with on the keypad.

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