Tuesday, January 30, 2007

On Politics and Wires

I have often stated before that I love even numbered years, because that's when the real party of American democracy is staged. A year long extravaganza of the great battle between Democratic and Republican party for control of our great republic. With the internet now an essential tool in following the massive playing field that this contest encompasses, a central source is needed for all of this information. I swear by the sites that I keep in my links section, but there was no more indispensable tool in the 2006 Congressional election than Taegan Goddard's Political Wire. Political Wire takes the best of political reporting and news and presents it in an orderly fashion. But with 2006 over and the Democrats in charge on Capitol Hill, now is not the time to look away. With roughly 1723 people expected to declare a candidacy for the Presidency between now and the Iowa caucuses you need Taegan more than ever. But we here at the Sunshine Empire would like to see a few things added to enhance the experience. We enjoyed the ongoing series where several professional political analysts where put the same question regarding bellwether races to watch on election night. The same kind of occasional guest commentary from gentlemen like Stu Rothenburg and Charlie Cook would add addtional insights of the business and historical ramifications of events that pass by the average voter. Such questions could be, "who's the next to declare?" and "Primaries beyond New Hampshire that could tip the balance in crowded fields on both sides of the race to the White House."

Such questions could help, but some might enjoy having a properly sourced and branded way to share content from this source as discussion starters in their own blogs, much like material of the Wire appears on sites like cqpolitics.com. But I would love an avenue to share certain stories on political wire with friends as well. Some kind of easy way to email a story to a work friend, because there is no more water cooler. People now hoard their 16 gallon bottles of Deer Park in their little work holes. We don't communicate anymore, but we can change that. Politicians are fond of saying that we live in dangerous times, and that may be. But we must stay informed for the good of our society, and I know we are up to it. Because we were Time's people of the year.

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