Monday, January 22, 2007

On The State Of Our Union

Tomorrow George W. Bush will give yet another address on the state of our union. I find it tragic in a way. Take my personal political feelings out of it, and I still feel for him in a purely professional way. There was a day when Dubya could have gone live on Foxnews and eaten the heart of a newborn, and would have only dropped two points down to 80% approval. In just a few short years he has become one of the most historically unpopular Presidents ever. We have not seen our chief executive come before the annual rave with congress this unpopular since Nixon in '74. It could almost be a Shakespearian tragedy if it were not happening in front of our very eyes. I once wrote a paper in college comparing Richard Nixon with the character Macbeth, and it is always Nixon that I have thought of comparing to Bush. So many people dislike him, many who enthusiastically voted for him just two short years ago. More so I believe because it has become fashionable to do so. Will he give us bio-diesel and attempt to placate the one group that has hated him from the beginning? Our situation in the world becomes more dangerous the more irrelevant he becomes, and he only has himself to blame for that.

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