Saturday, January 20, 2007

The Track Record

The media is good at shoving down our collective throats the idea that Republicans are great with the economy and war. It's the Democrats that we look to for all the lovey squishy issues like education and the poor. But over the last twenty years the Republicans that have had their claws on the levers of power in the District have quite a track record that seems to say otherwise. Since 1980 we have been told by the new conservatives of the "reagan revolution" that supply-side economics were the way of the future. After 26 years the way of Reagan Christ has produced zero balanced or surplus budgets. That ignorant redneck from Arkansas balanced a couple in between but nobody seems to notice that.

In the course of the time that has elapsed from 1898 onward, Republican Presidents have won exactly one meaningful war, the Spanish-American War. They have now lost us the only two wars that this great republic has ever sustained. I know some will say that it was actually the liberal media that lost the Vietnam War, but how can one fathom the possibility of wining a battle with Seymour Hirsch and David Halberstam? They both wear glasses, and you can't hit people with glasses. It's like they are invincible. The confusion could force someone to listen to Beck for hours. But Democrats won two world wars. Common sense would say that the Democrats should be trusted more. But the "liberal media" seems to think they are weak. They are obviously biased. Thank God for Fox News. As Steven Colbert says, "the facts have a well known liberal bias." Common sense bias free.

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