Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Pride or Predjudice?

Put aside partisanship for a moment and answer this question. What would be the public reaction if George W. Bush were to address the Nation tomorrow and state that the war was no longer winnable and that he was pulling all troops out by the fall of next year? Not so much in those words exactly, but fatalistic statements made and actions taken. Could his approval ratings sink further? The Democrats are certainly not giving the Nation to Cheney. Does that leave legacy as the enduring reason to trudge on?

What honestly would the reaction be?

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Biggus Rickus said...

Perhaps that he doesn't think it unwinnable? Maybe abandoning it is worse than upping troop levels? Maybe actually being the guy making decisions is harder than blogging about it?

As for the reaction, there would be a sigh of relief from most people. A few would argue it is a mistake that we will regret more than the war itself in years to come. His numbers would go up marginally, but that really doesn't make any difference.