Saturday, January 20, 2007

Rudy and the Republicans

Polls indicate that respondents are wild for Rudy Guiliani in the early race for the Republican nomination in 2008. But he will eventually become the Howard Dean of this election cycle. The 9/11 aura fades every day, and he has a record. The Master Blaster of politics Stu Rothenburg puts it best in his blog Rothenburg Report,

"And second, his personal life would be a problem. It’s not merely that he is on his third marriage. It is that just before the World Trade Center attacks, New York tabloids were filled with stories about the mayor’s marital troubles and his apparent adultery. The former mayor’s personal and professional relationship with former New York City Police Chief Bernie Kerick, who has his own legal troubles, also could pose problems for Giuliani, who understands that all of his business dealings would be fair game as a presidential hopeful."

I think the same amount of care should be taken with Barak Obama. He seems to be able to do no wrong this early in the game. But as much as she is not my choice it seems to point to Hillary in the Democratic race. Not the Democrat race for all of you schoolyard childish wing nuts that insist on parroting Rush Limbaugh's sad attempt at an insult. Hillary has the full team from her husband's regime and even the stragglers that are with other campaigns would coalesce around her once she secured the nomination. Her fund raising prowess is unmatched and she has proven she can charge both the base and the opposition. She will probably lose either Iowa or New Hampshire, but her husband came in third in New Hampshire in '92 and won the Presidency. Would she win though? Not against my favorite Republican Chuck Hagel. Her husband had a knack for beating Republicans when they had the upper hand, and also that's assuming they nominate someone like the power whore McCain. Straight talk must be Arizonan for bullshit. I am amazed that at one time in my life I was ready to cast a vote for him, and where it not for him dropping out and ending the primary season I would have. It will make for a brawl unprecedented in American Presidential Election history. I can't wait.

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