Friday, January 26, 2007

Tommorow, Sunday, and into the Future.

Tomorrow marks a sad day in the Sunshine Empire. Our friends over at Jolemite Blog are moving their operations to the other side of this great continent, and will not be seen in the bold new city of the south for quite some time. Joe has been an inspiration and a dear friend to me and I count myself among the blessed to have had such a monopoly on his time. The good people in the shadow of Mt. Hood will now have the good fortune of hearing those two fingers snap, and will know the chorus of Glad you're Gone. And babies in Oregon will have two more loving hands to enter the World upon with Lauren in tow. We here at The Sunshine Empire feel we have not seen the last of the Mackenzie's living on the St. Johns, but we will certainly miss them dearly while they are not.

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Joe MacKenzie said...

Full respect, thank you sir. See you there this summer.