Sunday, February 25, 2007

Academy Awards Live Blog

Ok, it's not really live, and I'm not really paying attention. An assortment of things have struck me thought. I am happy that Little Miss Sunshine has won some awards. I was with my sister and she was watching the pre-show show on E, with pan-sexual tool Ryan Seacrest. Every single person he spoke to no matter who it was, was treated to at least 17 mentions of American Idol before he got to the movie stuff. "So when are you going to come on Idol Mr. O'Toole?" They have basically taken everything that makes up a typical football game broadcast and applied it to the Oscars. They had people with telestrators in the pre-broadcast. Betting lines, and half naked women. It's all there. Clint Eastwood was drunk. I still hate Jodi Foster. And sadly, Don Knots is dead. Whatever may come, I've lost my appetite for celebrity in general.

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