Monday, February 05, 2007

Ground Rules for '08

Having been in my short lifetime a registered republican, a registered independent, and a registered democrat. So I think despite my passionate views on a wide array of subjects, I a bit of an expert on politics. So my posts so far are an effort to do one thing, crack every candidate on both sides. I feel this is my duty, despite who my dog in the race is. My favorite so far is Chuck Hagel, and the worst I can say so far is that most liberals romance with him is misplaced. Despite his clashing with Bush over the conduct of the war he's nowhere near even Rudy Guliani when it comes to moderation. He is a conservative of the first order, and that is really not what they want out of him. If you do not see something pointing out some hypocrisy of every candidate, they I just haven't found it yet. If I don't mention Bill Richardson's lying about being drafted by MLB then it's just that I view it as sad grandstanding not rising to the challenge of meeting the hypocracy quota for a standard Presidential campaign. That's the wonderful thing, we long for the humble outsider. Yet we have put demands on the process that only the most pompous of egotists can survive. God bless America.

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