Sunday, February 25, 2007

A Night At Eclipse

When DJ Black decides to leave your town for bigger and greater things, you make sure that you are there to see him off. Whoever DJ Black is. I don’t really know. In all reality when you are done playing trivia and drinking beer watching basketball you need a diversion, and that’s when you go to see DJ’s at Goth clubs. Now I have a particular soft spot for girls all in black, in gigantic leather boots and wearing tons of white makeup. Biggus Rickus does not share my fondness for the darker ladies, but we were invited by an old friend to see her up there so we set off. We arrived, purchased our beverages, and took a perch overlooking Eclipse. Eclipse is a small establishment that holds a goth night every Saturday night in Avondale. As we realized that our long lost friend had become long lost, we took up the role of Statler & Waldorf from the old Muppet Show. While gothic girls can be among the most original and stunning beauties that walk the earth, the men in this subset don’t live up to that level. They all wear one of the following; gigantic baggy pants with an assortment of buckles, mesh undershirt, black shirt. They are great people, but they don’t get as flamboyant as a Trent Reznor or whoever the lead singer of Sisters of Mercy is. One near us was wearing a Hawaiian shirt, and ran out to an empty dance floor and started dancing with two glowing balls like he was one of those sad little women that do the rhythmic gymnastics in the Olympics. But the ladies are where Biggus and I departed company. I think the women there where right out of my dreams, and to Biggus they came from nightmares. To each his own, but they aren’t for my friend from Rome. Sometimes though, a woman attempts to be so unique, that she travels back around from dark back to fourth grade innocent. For some reason there was a woman carrying around a stuffed monkey. No explanation. Stuffed monkey. This Rickus could not get past. “What the fuck is up with the monkey?”
“I don’t know”
“No really, what the hell is up with the damn monkey?”
“I don’t know”
“I can’t stay in this place. We need to leave.”
And with that, our evening was over. Another night at Eclipse.

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