Monday, February 12, 2007

On the news of the week

I will not pretend to bore you with some retread Anna Nicole joke, but the entire legal battle that was waged for that poor old oil tycoon's money just seems creepy Shakespearean. Much like those stories in 7Th grade English class that are meant to impart a lesson on the reader. Like greed is bad. Something like a group of explorers discovering a cursed golden monkey. They all come home and end up killing each other over the monkey, and the monkey wins in the end. Kind of like that, just with a robo-bimbo and a 900 year old man, and fried chicken.
Our culture watches 100 hours of this coverage and then criticize the media for putting it on. I think it's just war weariness. We've reduced ourselves to watching a British man berate teen girls on TV for fun. But my favorite part of whenever something like this Anna Nicole thing comes up is seeing the panel of guests on Larry King. He will switch from interviewing a President, to a panel with former wrestler and Surreal Life all star cast member China Doll. "Tonight, King Abdullah of Jordon, and tomorrow night Screech from Saved by the bell will share his thoughts on the Middle east and President Ford's passing." God Bless America.

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