Monday, February 12, 2007

Biggus Rickus speaks on the finer side of men dressed as sharks.

10:53 AM
Biggus: Ye Olde Biggus Rickus blog has been updated with more DJs.

me: I liked your comment on mine
10:54 AM
Biggus: I was fairly creeped out by that video, for what it's worth. 10 minutes

11:05 AM
me: I just liked it for the shark in a suit throwing money in the air

I like to mix in a music clip

Biggus: What was the tentacles coming out of the TV supposed to represent?
11:10 AM
me: the liberal media
11:11 AM
Biggus: And the general in garters?

me: Madonna

as in Madonna Ritchie and not the Virgin Mary

Biggus: Ah, so it's a very clever take on the music industry and how it is so wrapped up in appearance and how lawyers will rip you off because they're assholes.
11:12 AM
me: except my dad

Biggus: Whatever.

me: but his son is an asshole if that helps

I talk like an athlete when I refer to family members

Biggus: The apple doesn't fall far from the tree though.
11:13 AM
me: I refer to my father when talking to my mother as "your husband", my sister is "your daughter"

they call me the "milkman's boy"

11:14 AM
me: I also like refering to professions that have been outdated by history

like Milkman

Biggus: Maybe you're the buggywhip manufacturer's son.

me: although the character Milkman Dan is one of the funniest in the comic strip Red Meat
11:15 AM
I'm proud of my blacksmith Dad

Biggus: Whatever neanderthal.

me: come on you've got some more
11:16 AM
Biggus: You're probably the offspring of a rape by a longbowman after the siege of Gwaltney.
11:17 AM
me: I used the pronunciation of neanderthal as, "nee-ander-tall" which is correct with Cindy the other night, and she tried to correct me

Thank you, lets trust the History major on this one

Biggus: That doesn't sound correct.
11:18 AM
I've never heard it pronounced so. 7 minutes

11:25 AM
me: oh it's correct, trust me
11:26 AM
not in common American vernacular, but in the scientific community it is
11:30 AM
Biggus: Fuck the scientific community.

me: I know you've had that sentiment for quite a while
11:31 AM
what with your cold fusion in the bathtub and all

Biggus: Not really. Just when it comes to outlandish global warming predictions.

me: is there a landish global warming position?
11:32 AM
Biggus: Yeah, any that aren't predicting hugely dire consequences.
11:33 AM
me: have you not noticed that winter never started?

Biggus: There was hardly a winter, so we're all going to die.

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