Monday, February 19, 2007

TSE Remix, DJ Dutch spinning

My good friend B. Rickus has quite an affection for DJ's. He loves 'um. But I ask this question, is there a song out there that even the most delusional DJ would look back in aghast and say, "heavens no you can't remix THAT song"? Do they have limits? I don't quite share the visceral fear that some of my compatriots do. That being said I watched an interview of Norah Jones. Not my favorite artist, but I would say she's a talented singer. She spoke of being approached for one of her jazzy slow songs that apparently was popular on TRL for five seconds. That says it all for me. I found I was the only person who did not know that she is Ravi Shankar's daughter. I think the late Mitch Hedburg said it best, "I remixed a remix, and it was back to normal."

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