Monday, March 12, 2007

The Conservative nature of the Republican field.

In past elections there have been some that have suggested that the Democratic Party did not win because it did not come to the center. It was said after their retaking of Congress that the Democrats had come to the right, due to them nominating pro-gun soldiers, and anti abortion advocates. This ignores the nuanced views of progressives like Webb in Virginia and McKaskill in Missouri. But I am not so much trying to convince you that the new crop of Democrats are conservative or liberal, but the Republican party seems to be changing rapidly. The revolution of Reagan seems to be dead, and these men make up the tombstone of that movement. Romney of Taxachussetts, and Guliani of the home town of the New York Times (which if applied directly to a conservatives skin will instantly turn them to dust) have both previously been in favor of gay rights, and Guliani is thrice divorced. One of those marriages ended in annulment because his partner was actually his cousin. As much as McCain has sidled up to the Jerry Falwell circuit, a large number of Republicans find him unpalatable. Sam Brownback is a true conservative but his a Senator from Kansas and will not be a factor. The money is behind Guliani and Romney and it will come down to them and McCain. Why is it not asked about this field of Republicans coming to the Left? Why isn't there a firebrand in there? Is someone like Gingrich just waiting in the weeds, ready to come out? Sunshine Empire favorite Chuck Hagel announced today that he will probably announce in the fall, the time when perspective Presidential candidates used to announce. This is a rare election though. Neither party will be nominating someone who is either a former or current President or Vice President. The view from the empire says that non of the presumptive leaders will be there when the conventions start in the summer of '08. Howard Dean was the lock for the nomination at this point in the last Presidential election cycle. If forced to make a prediction, we on the board would have to go with Republican nominee Kevin Federline. He successfully will play the race card against Democratic nominee Wayne Brady. Take it to the bank.

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