Friday, March 02, 2007

The First, Or The Second Window

For those of us in the United States who have regularly used the fast food drive in window, certain things are accepted. One thing is the concept of the two windows. I am old enough to remember when fast food establishments had only one window. I remember it had to be about 1986 when there was a McDonalds built a short way away from my house off of Loretto Road. The second window seemed like the wave of the future. A future of flying cars and vitamin pills. A future that was crushed by Y2K. But the concept that is universally used architecturally, is not always used in practice uniformly. I've found that half of the places I drive through don't even use the first window. This poses a problem when you are only have listening to the order taker and you hear, "please pull around to the ****** window." You then assume first window and you all know what happens when you assume, you end up looking like a dick. I've sat there for a few minutes until you see the head stick out of the second window beckoning you to pull forward. Those places suck. Then you get the McChicken that has lettuce soup on top, and you realize the lesson of the story. You take five minutes before you go to bed and you make a bag lunch.

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Joe MacKenzie said...

3 chicken soft tacos? Really? OK.