Sunday, March 18, 2007

Ban The Exclamation Point. Join The Revolution

Personally things have been going well for the contributors on this blog's editorial board. A marked improvement on many levels has made for positive feelings, but I feel we've lost our edge. I think I may be slipping into a state in which the only things that I have to rant about, are punctuation. This has become the most insidious thing I encounter every day. I mentioned in a previous post that I wanted to ban the exclamation point once and for all. It does have merit as a piece of punctuation, but it has been spoiled by a segment in the population that really should be brought up on war crimes charges in The Hague or something. Punctuation is meant to stand alone. It is never to be placed multiple times alongside itself. The only time this is permissible is when a quote ends in mid sentence and you have the multiple periods...
If you think that it is right to put three questions marks just to hammer home that you are totally clueless and not just a bit confused, you are overreacting. And if you are angry and confused the !?! The thing that most bothers me about that is that those two keys are on opposite sides of the damn keyboard. You have to go out of your way to do that. That deserves a bat to the side of the head, and if you don't agree I want to see some handwriting samples.

I see that everyone went back to their true ancestry today.

Gators are in the Sweet Sixteen.

Leave a comment on this message if you wish to join The Sunshine Empire's Official "Ban the Exclamation Point" petition. Join us in our noble and just cause.