Monday, March 26, 2007

Random 2008 Rant

There are so many choices out there for 2008's election, and I can't really get excited about any of them. On the one hand I think Hillary Clinton could be a capable administrator, and if she emulates her husband's administration I could be moderately happy. Yet my bones tell me that as bad as the right was during Bubba's administration, it would be exponentially worse during hers. I think Barack Obama is nothing better that George Bush was in 1999. A fresh perspective and change with a hot name. But honestly there's no experience there. A comedian once said the absurd thing about our system is a guy usually gets good in his second term, because we always want the outsider. Then it takes four years to know what the hell you are doing. Sadly that did not work with the current occupant of the Oval Office. If only he'd go ahead and get a blow job in that office so we could impeach him. Behind those two you have Edwards. If you believe the right Edwards actually gave his wife cancer so that he could use her as a campaign prop. She's a good trooper in going along with it and all. Honestly though I will admit this, nobody's talking about Hillary right now. On the other side you have John McCain. If it were seven years ago and he were not almost 900 and did not keep his morals and principles in the backyard shed next to his Y2K rations, I might be for him. His man challenge is a thrice married (once to a cousin) Gay friendly, anti-handgun, pro abortion on demand New Yorker named Guliani. Oh, and he's a Republican that's the funny part. Republican party members that answer telephone pols because they are shut ins needs to stop. The other is the former Governor of Massachusetts who's Mormon. You would be excused in thinking that the candidates on the Republican side are the Republican side at all. The only person that really intrigues me is Mike Huckabee. I've seen him talk and I think I could like him. Chuck Hagel is the man, but he's not in the race yet. I don't think I'm going to be thrilled with my choice no matter who it is.

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