Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Sunshine Empire Grab-bag

Just some assorted thoughts and observations. They will have some cohesion though. I will not allow this space to devolve into a Larry King USA Today column.

This U.S. Attourny firing scandal is interesting for a few reasons. Republicans and conservatives have a minor point in that this really is not a gigantic deal, nor horribly suprising that the same White House that promised to change the tone in Washington would be involving Romanesque politics in this matter. Yet they have seen the triviality of their 12 year reign come to roost. They had no problems with witch hunts until it was found that they to do indeed weigh as much as a duck(Monty Python fans better get that). The simple fact remains, that Alberto Gonzales told the Senate that he had no involvement and saw nothing. His very public schedule states that he was part of a meeting about this and only this very subject and signed off on a detailed plan to execute it. He lied to Congress. He had no reason to. And had any Clinton official come to the Hill and took the fifth on some of the absurd investigations they had, like the travel office firings, Republicans would have come un-glued. Both are pointless, but Republicans are just fantastically absurd as they prance around and say nobody cares so lets do the people's business.

I was watching the Florida vs Oregon Regional NCAA Tournament Championship and something that James Brown said on TV struck me. He stated of one of Oregon's players, "he's really got a nice package down below."

If you know who Sanjaya is, go to your room with no tv.

Some would be suprised if you told them you could sell the curse of your life away for no money at all. I can tell you that today. This past week I sold the curse of my life to someone when I gave away my accursed Cavalier. I love my country, and I think we are the most innovated and advanced cultures and business nations in the world, but we can't fucking make cars anymore. My cavalier can be traced to many many memories. But that think can be traced back to the most difficulties in my life. I feel like the middle guy in all of those curse stories. Like the accursed mummies paw in a glass case that brought horror and misery. Yet that one guy gets rid of it in time so that his life doesn't end. Those guy's are usually the protagonists of the movie and all. But I say goodbye to the old black lady.

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