Thursday, March 15, 2007

An Inescapable Path

I think one of the most under-appreciated traits that true leaders have is the ability to say the thing to a person that moves them to act on their own. People often say leadership and think of someone who yells as often as he flashes and dashes. The most basic premise being "if you don't kill him he'll kill you." I was watching the Rome series on HBO and Octavian says to his mother, "either you'll be the mother of the richest man in Rome, or (her worst enemy) will be." Of course this was a dramatization, but that is an example of an inescapable path. Laying out options that only lead one way. Great leaders can set such mental traps. I'm not that quick but I appreciate the mind that works that way. It is a shame that these people no longer seek high office or are the decision makers in the halls of power, they just go on reality game shows.

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