Wednesday, March 07, 2007

On Coulter-giest and the chin

I have very strong beliefs when it comes to politics, but I tend to get the greatest enjoyment with listening to beliefs that I do not agree with. I have the best conversations with my good friend Biggus Rickus because he disagrees with me completely on a whole host of issues. But I was enjoying a triad by one of Rush Limbaugh's bastard stepchildren regarding Ann Coulter's recent reference to the term "faggot" and John Edwards. Now Coulter-giest, as Keith Olberman calls her, really calls everyone a faggot, much like your grandfather might call anyone he does not know, "chief." But if you really listen to what she said she was really trying to make a comment on the phenomenon of anyone in the public sphere that makes a public gaff, goes into rehab. It wasn't the best of jokes to make in public, but not quite what is being raised in the press. Now this little conservative radio man was lamenting that nobody was smart enough to get this precious nuance. That immediately struck me. I have a good memory, and as I remember there was a firestorm over something that the giant chin in the senate from Massachusetts John Kerry said prior to the 2006 midterms. He said that if you did not study in school you would get stuck in Iraq. He had followed this statement on how incompetent Bush was. He was making a sly joke on Bush's self-proclaimed "C Student" status. The press made a field day of it, and I was left to think, is everybody too stupid to get what he was saying. I felt in agreement with this conservative fellow for just a moment, so I switched the channel to Howard Stern.

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Biggus Rickus said...

Memory is the end of politics.