Sunday, May 27, 2007

Another Twilight Empire

It's 1:28 AM in the east and I only have a few thoughts. Memorial Day is here and we pause to think of all the men and women who have put on the uniform to defend the United States of America. Whatever you may think of the civilian leadership, our men and women sign up to defend the ideals that our founding fathers set forth 231 years ago, and I can think of no more noble a thing as that. My good friend Cindy went out in an Jimmy lacking in any armor on patrol in Baghdad, and she regretted having to leave. Others are not able to leave, and our prayers are with them. This war never had to happen, and certain people use these brave individuals for their own nefarious purposes, but that takes nothing away from their noble sacrifice for our freedom. Our prayers are with these fine folks and their families in hopes that one year from now, for the sake of the people of the United States and Iraq, this entire mess will be over. I sadly do not hold out much hope of that coming true.

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