Friday, May 25, 2007

A third party will come, but let's wait until the next commercial break

Washington politics has gone topsy-turvy this month. The conservatives are mad because of the new immigration bill, and the liberals are mad because of the compromise Iraq War supplemental because it lacks a time table for withdrawal. Nobody seems to like anybody these days. The middle is the new great silent majority in our new reality. The ranks of independents are growing faster than Artie Lang's waistline, and they are still without a standard bearer. Democrats are still scared of being labeled soft on terrorism despite the fact polls show the country trusts them over the Republicans. The Republicans cling like rats on a shipwreck in the face of overwhelming evidence that Iraq is the crowning jewel of fuck-ups this great nation has had. They do this because to pull back now is to admit to being responsible for making a bad situation a literal hell on earth. It's like a bad marriage, with two people who hate each other staying together for the sake of the kids, and the kids hate them both for it. The Republicans and Democrats need to go the way of the Whigs and Federalists. It's a shame most Americans are too caught up in a third rate singing contest to notice.

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