Tuesday, May 01, 2007

A Major War, settled on the playground

No matter what your feelings are on the matter of the War In Iraq, this evenings proceedings in Congress cannot leave one without the overwhelming feeling that they are all a bunch of schoolchildren. We live in one of the most advanced societies in the world. The country is the oldest of the modern democratic movement with a Constitution unchanged drastically in that time. But the pomp and circumstance that surrounded the passing of the Democrats' war spending supplemental with a withdrawal date they know will never be signed, and the President's tantrum amounting to "give me what I want or nothing else no matter the reality around me" just felt a bit ridiculous. It's like they all sit up there no matter the side and just fiddle away as Baghdad burns. I know the Democrats finally seem to have some balls when facing the President, but it still seems they keep them taped to the sides of their legs. Nothing on this issue will change until September, and by then we should either see Iraqi schoolchildren with chocolates and gumdrops, or even Barney and Laura will be arguing for reality.

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