Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Twilight Empire

Your Sunshine Empire wrap-up for today is just this thought. The Attorney General is an odious little worm. He was the crucible in which the change of our government to officially sponsoring torture as White House Counsel occurred. He was rewarded with the appointment to the Justice Department and he gets along with that circled wagons mentality. But if you slip in any way you will have the gun at your back. The AG spent weeks telling us that he could not remember the details of the U.S. Attorney purge. But the minute a Deputy Attorney General quits, "he did it, he did it, he did it." My God he has the integrity of mayonnaise. The difference being, mayonnaise is awesome. Some on the right have begun to quietly celebrate that the cloud seems to be passing when it comes to this affair, but understand to keep him only hurts. There is just another character in the Bush administration for Democrats to keep in campaign literature, commercials, and stand-up comedy bits for the rest of the term. If Bush would have fired Alberto at the beginning of this and just appointed Orrin Hatch to the job he actually would have come out of this stronger with his base and depriving the Democrats of a talking point. Mr. Bush has always been one to buck the tide, so he has not done this and kept his old buddy "the Judge" around for more trips to the ranch. There but for the grace of God go ye.

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