Thursday, May 03, 2007

On the charms and good looks of Mitt

There are times that I am in a state of such relaxation I have to drastically alter the emotional state of my being. At times like these I take a look at The Drudge Report. This awful pile of tripe actually was at one time the site that I viewed the most times in a day or given week. When the fog cleared from my mind I moved elsewhere for my news. But Drudge featured an interactive poll question that looked the work of some seventh grade programmer using a Tandy. It was a flash poll of who the viewer thought won this evening's Republican Presidential debate. The majority of the respondents gave the nod to former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney is the Republicans version of John Kerry. Man born into privilege, held major elected office, cartoonish hair, they both share many things. But namely the evil little word electability. Mitt Romney is about as conservative as Nathan Lane standing naked on a street corner in San Fransisco. But he ran the Olympics, moved to Massachusetts again and suddenly he was Ronald Reagan at 55 to so many people, and I have no idea why. I once considered myself a Republican, back in the limited government, fiscal responsibility days. Those days seem as elusive as taste at a Toby Keith concert. I think I understood what mainline conservatives thought and valued, but not any more. This man was very clearly pro-abortion and was on record many many times. But now he runs for President as a Republican and he's piously against it. When asked his explanation amounts to, "oops, I just changed my mind" I find it hard to believe so many seem to be moving to support him. Guliani amounts to some putrid one hit wonder band. He was really popular for a very brief moment, after having been hated before, and he's really just been working that angle ever since. The former Mayor is also very pro-gay and pro-abortion. Nobody wants to discuss the desperation of the Republican party. I don't really understand it. It's as if they see rats running of the ship so they are setting fire to the place. The only true conservative, and this is a stretch, is Newt Gingrich. Many expect him to be a candidate and that is not good to have him as the most genuinely conservative candidate in the field. But the man crush support of Romney just has me confused.

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